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Before enrolling in Patricia’s classes I had tried other ways to learn Spanish, such as books, those DVDs that depict artificial conversations set in unrealistic situations,… I soon realized that simply going about asking people where the library is or what their last name is or other such utterly pointless things those DVDs and books taught me was not enough to live or travel in a Spanish speaking country. I joined Patricia's classes and thanks to her coaching, I gained a solid foundation in the pronunciation, grammar and structure of the Spanish language in just a couple of weeks. The study materials she provided were far more useful compared to the books I had struggled with before I enrolled in her classes. After just a few more weeks, my Spanish was fluent enough to engage in realistic everyday conversations that are actually useful for living and traveling in the Spanish speaking world. Now I have enough proficiency in Spanish to travel in South America even in those small, scenic towns off the tourist track where there may be no one who speaks English.

Patricia is very dedicated to teaching Spanish, she is very patient and is able to help students with a wide range of proficiency levels in Spanish, from a complete newbie like I was to someone who was fluent in Spanish in the past but now needs to brush up and everyone in between. Patricia is very knowledgeable in the differences between the Spanish spoken in different countries and will steer her students clear of minefields such as phrases that are acceptable in one country but are considered rude and inappropriate in another.

I would absolutely recommend Patricia Marein’s classes to anyone who wants to gain useful, real-world proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading and writing Spanish.


I recently decided to get serious about continuing to learn Spanish, honestly it has been such a blessing so far. If you are at all considering taking the plunge, I can't recommend a better teacher than  Patricia Marein. Her classes have been exactly what I have needed to get to the next level. The new year is a great time to  learn a language! 


For those of you interested Patricia is a great teacher and this is a fun class. I'm going on my third straight class and have made great progress


I cannot say enough amazing things about Patricia!! She has many years of experience teaching Spanish in the classroom and in private tutoring settings with kids and adults. Her rates are totally reasonable and she is very flexible in terms of scheduling classes. I worked with Patricia for 2 years before I went back to grad school. When I started with her, I would say my Spanish was mediocre at best. I now work  full-time providing therapy in Spanish and consider myself functionally bilingual. My tutoring sessions with Patricia were a great investment in my professional development!


I absolutely love my class, Patricia is an excellent teacher.  What I really enjoy is that she teaches us what we need to know, and how best to use the language.  We practice with conversation, homework and exercises.  I have been able to take the class to try and improve our customer service at our office and be able to help our patients that are primarily Spanish speaking.  She has given us the confidence to speak, read and write in Spanish.  I am very appreciative of all that she has taught us.  She is very knowledgeable, flexible very personable.  She has made learning very easy and enjoyable.  I would recommend her to anyone who is trying to learn Spanish or just improve on their skills.


Patricia has made learning Spanish fun.  I always look forward to class.  She makes me feel comfortable even when I have a hard time understanding certain concepts of the Spanish language.  I have a lot of respect for Patricia and feel she is very trustworthy. 


Patricia has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition in tutoring me and others. She is very educated in English and Spanish. She is also very capable of translating English to Spanish and vise versa. In addition to her excellent teaching and tutoring skills, she has proven her abilities in understanding how and what a student who studies a second language goes through and needs.  She has always made sure that her students are not left being “lost in translation”. For example, not only did she tutor me in Spanish, she taught me her culture and traditions. Her teachings proved to be most helpful when I was in Peru. I could speak, understand, and relate to the Peruvian people extremely well.  

She is also a most dependable person and mother. Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors.


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